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Being over a year into this pandemic we have learned so many things, one of the biggest is what job security means to every individual. To us, job security means having a job regardless of what is going on in our environment. We here at Golden Memorial and AJ Barragan & Associates are proud to offer job security even in the toughest of times; we are pandemic proof.

We are always contracting agents: California, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Washington, & Oregon. Contact us today

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"Golden Memorial has completely changed my life and that of my children's. It has enabled me to purchase our home, take international vacations with my entire family, and provide the extracurricular activities that my children desired."

Irene Barrera


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Family owned and operated, Golden Memorial Insurance Services, Inc. is associated with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, the fastest growing, top producing final expense company in the nation. Since Lincoln Heritage was formed in 1963, they have strived harder than any other insurance company to provide the best customer service in the insurance industry and have become experts at what they do. Lincoln Heritage has been in business for over 50 years, and continues to grow every day. If you decide to become an agent with us, there is an unlimited potential.

Here are just a few reasons why you should dare to dream and join our Golden Memorial Insurance team:

  • Same Day Advances

  • Proven Lead System

  • Liberal Underwriting

  • Simplified Applications

  • Exotic Incentive Trips

  • Life, Health and Dental for you and your Family

  • Extraordinary Home Office Support

  • 24 Hour Underwriting

  • Live Helpline

  • Fast Claim Service

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