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Ten Reasons

10 Foolish Reasons to Say "No."

Get your Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind: Information

"I don't care what happens to me after I'm dead!"

You may not care but your family will have to. And when there is a death in the family, decisions tend to be colored by grief, not governed by reason.

"I don't want to think about it." 

Of course you don't! No one wants to think about his/her death; but this is a provision you can make for a time when your family will need it.

"My insurance will take care of everything." 

No it won't. No insurance policy tells your family how to plan a funeral, which funeral director to choose, or how much to pay for your funeral. Insurance only provides money and financial security for your heirs. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from having your funeral taken care of in advance to you and your significant others wishes. 

"I can't afford it now." 

When you purchase your funeral before there is a crisis, you may choose from a variety of payment plans that meet your budget.

"My family will take care of everything." 

How fortunate you are to have close friends and family who may well be financially able to handle the final expense.

"I want to be cremated." 

You're the decision maker. Probably, there is a note in your will that states your desire to be cremated, but unfortunately wills are often read after the funeral takes place. The it is too late for your wishes to be carried out. 

"I'm not from this area, and I don't know where my funeral will be." 

The choice is yours when you make arrangements in advance.

"My family knows my wishes."

Perhaps you have talked to your family in passing or jest about the kind of funeral you would like. But, do they really know your wishes? The family is usually unprepared when they walk into the funeral home to make arrangements. 

"I am a veteran. The government will take care of me."

Only if you are active military duty at the time of your death, will the government take care of your funeral expenses. If you are a veteran not on active duty, the government provides a small allowance toward the cost of your funeral. You can find more information about this on the Our Plans page. 

"I need to know more about this, especially the financial part." 

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and to give you the information that will help you make the right decision.


Don't be the one to bury you head in the sand! Find out more about the GOLDEN MEMORIAL PLAN & how you can have "Peace of Mind."

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